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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Honavar Pincode / Post Office Search (UTTARA KANNADA, Karnataka)

Adukal B.O 581348HonavarKarnataka
Apsarkonda B.O 581342HonavarKarnataka
Areangadi B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Balkur B.O 581423HonavarKarnataka
Beranki B.O 581423HonavarKarnataka
Bhaskeri B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Chandavar S.O 581323HonavarKarnataka
Chikkankod B.O 581361HonavarKarnataka
Dhareshwar B.O 581327HonavarKarnataka
Durgakeri B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Gunavante B.O 581348HonavarKarnataka
Hadinbal S.O 581361HonavarKarnataka
Haldipur S.O 581327HonavarKarnataka
Herangadi B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Hodkeshirur B.O 581338HonavarKarnataka
Holegadde B.O 581327HonavarKarnataka
Honavar Bazar S.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Honavar Port S.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Honavar S.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Hosad S.O 581335HonavarKarnataka
Hosakuli B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Hosapattan B.O 581342HonavarKarnataka
Jalavalli B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Jognikatte B.O 581327HonavarKarnataka
Kadle B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Kadtoka S.O 581338HonavarKarnataka
Karki S.O 581341HonavarKarnataka
Kasarkod S.O 581342HonavarKarnataka
Kavalakki B.O 581361HonavarKarnataka
Kekkar B.O 581338HonavarKarnataka
Kelaginoor B.O 581342HonavarKarnataka
Kharwa B.O 581361HonavarKarnataka
Kodani B.O 581423HonavarKarnataka
Konkar B.O 581341HonavarKarnataka
Kudrige B.O 581384HonavarKarnataka
Madgeri B.O 581338HonavarKarnataka
Magod B.O 581423HonavarKarnataka
Mallapur B.O 581323HonavarKarnataka
Manki S.O 581348HonavarKarnataka
Mavinkurve B.O 581335HonavarKarnataka
Melin Idgunji S.O 581423HonavarKarnataka
Molkod B.O 581335HonavarKarnataka
Mugva B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Nagre B.O 581335HonavarKarnataka
Navilgone B.O 581338HonavarKarnataka
Nilkod B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Pavinkurve B.O 581341HonavarKarnataka
Prabhatnagar S.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Salkod B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Samsi B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Saralgi B.O 581384HonavarKarnataka
Talamakki B.O 581348HonavarKarnataka
Upponi B.O 581334HonavarKarnataka
Valki B.O 581335HonavarKarnataka
Vandur B.O 581341HonavarKarnataka